Have one of the most fundamental questions when it comes to buying a new computer is what system to use. For most people, this is going to boil down to competition between buying a popular PC brand and making the switch to a Mac. Or someone who is unfamiliar with the Mac environment in general, this decision is probably going to involve a lot more than just the ability to browse live porn sites without worrying about hacks affecting your computer.

Many cases, it will likely be questions about the software you are used to using, or not it works on the Mac, or if there is a useful alternative that is Mac compatible. In our case, however, we are going to assume that you are familiar with both platforms, and simply want to know which is better for a hobby that includes a lot of streaming video.

Safari vs Internet Explorer / Edge vs Chrome vs Firefox

Given the primary focus of streaming video, it should come as no surprise the main debate to be had sets the default browsers squarely against one another in a head-to-head matchup that is, frankly, completely irrelevant. Surprised? Most people who are familiar with both platforms, or who just don’t care about browser competition, probably don’t understand by most tech-savvy individuals typically only use the default browser to download a copy of their preferred one instead. Most of the reasoning behind this is in the fact that many people have a severe distaste for both Safari and Internet Explorer or Edge, comes down to a simple matter of features and implementation.

In the case of Internet Explorer, most people have come to associate it with lazy coding, negative effects on the Internet standards for websites and other content, and general overuse of resources. In fact, it used to be a very popular paying for the tech-savvy individual to find a way to completely remove Internet Explorer from their fresh Windows installations.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that Safari has had quite a few iterations available for Windows-based computers as well as Macs, it has never had a very good track record both in terms of features and actually being capable of rendering websites. The latter, it should be noted, generally has more to do with the fact that the popularity of Internet Explorer, combined with its pension to implement its own standards and ignore those of the platform-neutral, independent Internet standards groups, caused web designers to code websites either explicitly for Internet Explorer alone, or have to double their work by creating two different versions of the same site.

As you can imagine, most people do not want to go through all the extra effort, and many companies were willing to pay them for it either. Thus, especially in the latter 90s, Internet Explorer became the de facto standard for all web browsers and every other browser out there suffering the lack of being able to render websites coded specifically for it.

Fortunately, not battle has already been fought been mostly decided. Generally speaking, you can expect most websites to conform to Internet standards and to show up well in any particular browser. This does not, however, remove Safari for all of its user convenience faults, nor does it immediately make Internet Explorer and better browser.

In fact, will suffer a severe lack of customization, as well as the much larger pools of plug-ins available to third-party browsers such as Google’s Chrome or Mozilla’s Firefox. In most cases, we see no reason why you should not opt for one of these third-party browsers instead, and just ignore the matter of the default browser because of the operating system altogether when comparing the two platforms.

Flash Implementations on Both Systems

Which browser you ultimately choose will, however, have a very large effect on the health of your system. Generally speaking, if you are looking to spend a decent amount of time on live porn sites, regardless of what else you have on your computer to avoid hacks, we recommend going with Firefox.

Now, if you are attached to Google Chrome, there are some workarounds that help avoid some of the issues with flash that come about due to Google’s personal implementation of it in their browser, however, we have found most people have the greatest ease visiting any sort of cam site with Firefox instead of chrome. Whichever browser you ultimately choose, just make sure it is not using its own version of flash to view streaming video content.

In the case of Chrome, this typically means having to disable its native capabilities, and in the case of both you will need to visit the Adobe website to download the most recent version of flash your computer. Although you may have heard that this is more difficult to accomplish on a Mac system, it has since changed and now the process is very similar for both Macs and PCs.

Security Through Obscurity: Myth Versus Malware

Another common refrain that comes from people who are not fans of the Mac hardware, software, environment, or platform overall, is that the system is still more secure than a PC is, and primarily protect someone from malicious code is the simple fact that there are far fewer people creating malicious code for Mac systems. While this is not necessarily false, it should be taken with the great salt.

The way in which Mac operating systems are constructed from the ground up generally allows for greater stability, while the same time allowing programs to get away with less on their own. While this can be frustrating for someone who is very used to a Windows operating system, it is generally a more secure method of running an operating system.

That having been said, the Windows operating system’s wide popularity on the PC platform which made it such a lucrative target for live porn site hacks, among other forms of infiltration, also made it the platform with the most third-party security options available. Therefore, you can generally expect to be able to achieve the same level of security on both systems, with the PC requiring more effort, but of an easier kind, and the Mac requiring less knowledge, but with fewer options. In general, this category is a wash.

System Resources, Hardware, and Multitasking

Lastly, there are a certain amount of other basic functions and need to be taken into account when you consider one platform compared to another anything at all. When it comes to basic usage in terms of being capable of handling hardware has, properly allocating resources at the operating system level, and generally maintaining a stable environment, you will not typically find a Windows-based PC to be at the top of this category.

This has a lot to do with the so-called “walled garden” of the Mac operating system than it does, necessarily, reflect on the Windows operating system. Although Windows has had some fairly nasty bugs in its history, including memory allocation issues due to how the system itself was developed, overall it is the narrow range of hardware that the Mac operating system is designed to work on that delivers its higher level of stability, and of customization or upgradability are great concerns of yours, PC is usually the better option.