If you’ve spent any amount of time on a cam site, you’re probably aware of both the tipping feature and the wish lists that most cam girls have posted somewhere on their profile pages. Both exist so that guys just like you can show their gratitude and appreciation for the ladies that gave them performances. However, unless you’ve got the disposable income to put toward it, tipping and/or buying gifts can become an expense that you can’t really afford.

If there’s a cam girl you really like and you want to show her your appreciation, you’ve probably considered either tipping or buying her a gift from her list. You don’t need to do both, so stop stressing about the state of your wallet. Choosing either one or the other will get your point across just fine. But which should you go with?

Tipping Goes a Long Way

If you choose to tip a cam girl, it’s something that you can do over and over again in small to medium amounts without ever really feeling the pinch on your bank account, as opposed to dropping a ton of cash all at once on an expensive gift. In the long run, she might appreciate a steady stream of tips from you instead of an item that you buy only once.

Gifts Make a Statement

If she’s got an Xbox One listed on her wish list and you decide to buy it for her, you’re making a statement. You’re letting her know that you’re financially secure (and if you aren’t, why the hell are you buying her something that pricey?). You’re also letting her know that you think she’s an amazing cam girl and that her performances deserve a hefty reward.

Tipping Earns Respect

It’s the nature of the business that cam girls are going to want regular, reliable customers who aren’t afraid to tip. So if you’ve decided to commit to being a steady tipper, you’re going to earn yourself a place at the top of her “favorite customer” list. Cam girls tend to show their regular customers a lot of attention and might even favor them over other customers, which is good news for you. It doesn’t mean that you’ll be getting a ton of free shows, but she might give you a few extra minutes on the clock or might make a point of granting your requests in public chat over that of every other guy. Perks like this make it a good reason to tip regularly.

Gifts Get Gratitude

Depending on what gift you select from her wish list, there’ll be varying degrees of gratitude. If you opt for the cheapest item she’s listed, you probably won’t get much by way of thanks except for an acknowledgment. On the other hand, if you decide to splurge and get her the most expensive item she’s listed, she might go out of her way to let you know how grateful she is. This doesn’t mean she’ll become your exclusive cam girl and will perform for free from now on. It might just mean she gives you a free show or some free pics. Before you buy, ask yourself if those kinds of freebies are worth buying something super expensive?