Cam girls get compliments all the time. But, more often than not, the compliments they receive focus on how sexy she is and how perfect her body is. There is nothing wrong with these types of compliments. But to some cam girls, they become repetitive and boring. When you want to put a smile on her face (and end up in a one-on-one because of it), there are different compliments you can use.

Pour on the Charm

One compliment that cam girls seem to love is when you tell her that you love the sound of her voice. You can tell her that her voice sounds sexy, but you may receive a better response if you use another word. Tell her that even though what she is doing is turning you on, that her voice sounds very calming to you. Compare her voice to a popular singer, model, or actress. This person should be someone sexy and charming. This type of compliment will be a huge boost to the cam girl’s self-esteem. She may even be willing to do things that she hadn’t before.

Another great compliment to give a cam girl is one that shows how eager you were to see her. Tell her that you’ve been saving up your money, hoping for the chance to see her. Tell her that you’ve been working extra hours so that you could put more in your budget because she is too amazing for you to miss. This is another compliment that will definitely leave her blushing and feeling flattered.

You Don’t Want to See Anyone Else

The ultimate compliment to give a cam girl is one that tells her that you have no desire to spend your money on anyone else. You can either tell her that you’ve seen other cam girls and that none of them compare to how perfect she is. You can also tell her that she is the first cam girl you’ve ever seen and the only one you ever want to see. Both of these compliments work well, and depending on her mood, she may be willing to do a few extra things free of charge for you.

You can also tell her that she is worth the money that you’re paying to see her. But, be careful with compliments involving money. You don’t want to say anything about how she’s more beautiful than other women, but charges cheaper prices. She may end up changing her prices more expensive with this type of compliment, so it’s better to avoid saying them.

You can compliment a cam girl rather easily. Make sure that what you tell her is something that she will actually consider a compliment. Pay attention to how you word things so that you don’t end up offending her. The last thing you want is to get booted out from seeing her, especially when you meant no harm. Also, don’t forget that the very best compliment you can give a cam girl is a tip.