When it comes to cam sites, it’s important to get the most out of every session. No matter whether you’re spending $5 or $500, everyone wants satisfactory service. However, it’s crucial to know what you should and shouldn’t be requesting from a cam girl. By overstepping boundaries or not speaking up when necessary, any cam session is bound to be a failure. Here are a few helpful tips to make sure that a cam session goes well for everyone involved.

Don’t Try and Force a Cam Girl to Do Something She Isn’t Comfortable with

If men are used to basic Internet pornography, they might quickly forget the basic fact that their cam girl is actually a real person. By viewing a cam girl as more of an interactive video than an actual person, it can be tempting for a man to start making more and more demands during the cam show. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with making requests, but it’s never okay to start getting pushy if a cam girl isn’t feeling comfortable with the direction a client is trying to take things in.

As soon as a client starts to get too pushy or force the cam girl into an uncomfortable situation, it’s very likely that things will come to an immediate halt and she will not allow the client to be a repeat customer. Avoid this by always keeping in mind that your cam girl is an actual person with real feelings and personal comfort levels. If you aren’t satisfied with how far she will go, look elsewhere instead of trying to force anything.

Do Request Things to Move a Little Quicker if You Feel They Are Going Too Slow

Some cam girls charge a small fee by the minute. It can sound like a steal at first, but even a small amount can quickly add up if a client doesn’t keep their eyes on the clock. If a client finds himself with a cam girl who is charging by the minute, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to speed things up a little if she’s going too slow. This is especially true if it seems like she’s going extra slow just to put more minutes on the clock and get more money.

Find a polite way to transition into something more advanced that will speed things up a bit if it seems like things are lagging. If she refuses to go any faster, the session might cost more money than it is worth and it might be time to call it quits and look elsewhere.

Don’t Request Something Unusual That the Cam Girl Isn’t Used to Working with

If a client is looking for a specific need to be met during their cam session, then they need to choose carefully about where they go. There are plenty of fetish or kink specific cam sites available. If that is what a client is wanting, then it’s important that they go to the proper cam site instead of asking an average cam girl to do something extreme or kinky that she might not be familiar with.