Even the most popular camgirls know that if their customers aren’t happy, it could be extremely bad for business. Just like other businesses, cam girls relying on not only ads but also word of mouth to get their name spread amongst people. Cam girls also realize that there is a high chance that one of her customers could have an extremely high follower base and if he says that men shouldn’t watch her, then that means she loses out on a lot of money. It is for this reason that you should always tell your cam girl that you don’t feel like you have gotten what you paid for.

Tell Her How Disappointed You Are

When you want to tell a cam girl that you’re disappointed with what she provided you for your payment, you should not start out by sending her messages that state how terrible she was, or how what she did for you sucked. If possible, you should try to see if you could talk to her one on one. You do not want to have to pay for this type of talk, so assure her that this has nothing to do with you wanting to request a private show. Tell her that you want to talk about what she did for you because you have some concerns. When you tell her that you are concerned, she will more than likely be quick to accept your invitation to a private chat.

When the two of you are in a private chat, tell her that you are a bit disappointed because you don’t feel like she provided what you paid to see. Tell her exactly what you expected, but do not come off as rude or angry. She needs to know why you’re disappointed and any suggestions that you have for her that can fix it.

Do Not Cause a Scene

If you try to convince her to have a private chat with you so you can talk about your concerns and she refuses, do not make a big scene about it, especially if there are other men in the chat. Instead, tell her that you think it would be disrespectful or possibly embarrassing to her if you mentioned your concerns within a public chat. Do not ask for another man’s opinion or seek to have the men in the chat agree with you. If she sees that you are behaving like a mature adult, she will do the same thing.

It sucks not getting what you paid for when it comes to cam girls, but you don’t want to make any unnecessary enemies. Even bitchy cam girls know that if they lose their followers, they will also lose money.

It is important to remember not to threaten a cam girl about spreading the word about how bad she is, or how she doesn’t do what people pay for. Instead, approach her with a professional, business-like attitude. When you do this, you are showing her that not only are you serious, you’re also cooperative. You’re more likely to get the result you need with this approach anyway.