A lot of cam models set up “guilds.” These are a set of achievements that men can unlock by either one huge tip or by their cumulative tip counts. These tend to be fun little extras that can seem great or be boring depending on how into that into the model you are. Our review of live sex chat site shows almost every top earning and popular cam girl offers some sort of reward. But because all the other guys are falling for a guild doesn’t mean that you have to. Here’s an honest look at the pros and cons that come with being part of a cam model’s guild.

Pro: More Ways to Contact Her

One of the biggest perks that cam models offer in their guilds is more ways to get into contact with her. Of course, she doesn’t model 24/7. But if you give her a big enough tip she’ll give you an email address where you can send your questions around the clock. You can’t expect answers the moment you write in, but you can at least send her an email every time you get the urge. The downside to this is that you don’t want to annoy your favorite cam girl. This is a feature she offers a lot of guys. So you can pretty much bet that she’s going to be ignoring a lot of demands for her attention. When you get this you should use is sparingly for it to be the most effective. When you’re feeling down and you want a sexy pick-me-up at the end of a hard week, that’s when you should use it. If she offers up a KIK or Skype number, you shouldn’t hound her on those either. But know that when you do need it, you can try to get her attention.

Pro: Permanent Nude Pics

Cam shows are great but so fleeting! Rather than spend tons of money trying to commit her body to memory you can get real nude pics sent to you. These are generally available at a higher tier. The cam girl will send all the men who’ve reached a certain tip cap nudes every week, every two weeks, or once a month. These photos are yours to keep as her gift to you. They can also be a lot more effective in the long run than a cam modeling perk or show. These nude photos tend to be a pretty expensive perk. Especially considering there’s nothing stopping you from spreading these around without permission. A lot of men aim for this tier because it’s a sign that the performer trusts you. It’s always uncool to spread around naked pictures without permission. So if one of your friends is jealous that you get to see her in nothing at all then you can tell him to cough up the dough. You earned this right; he’s going to have to earn it too.

Pro: Better Performance from Her

Cam girls get to know what their regulars want. Part of what you can look for in a review of the top sex live sites for chatting is how responsive the cam girls are. If you’re a fan of one of the popular cam girls then pretty much the only way to get her attention is to join her guild. Once she realizes you’ve put in the money to be one of her steadiest customers, she’s going work harder to please you. This means that she might invest in an outfit you say you like, or a costume, or a prop. So put together your suggestions on what she could use to flesh out her set of sex toys and props. That way you have a much better chance of her listening when you’re telling her what she should look into buying. Most of the time, this is a great thing. Investing in one cam girl already makes it likely that she’ll remember you. Being in her guild means you have some say in how her show evolves for everyone.

Pro: Cost Breaks for Requests

Cam girls who are good enough to have set up a guild system know how to treat a man right. Prove that you’re the kind of loyal customer she’s looking for. That way you’ll have a much better chance of getting your requests on the cheap. She might even have a discount system built into the guild, though that’s less likely so don’t expect it. So get online during slow hours and keep the praise coming. Then you might be able to charm her into giving you a little perk of being part of the guild. A lot of these requests run off of tips anyway. If she knows that you’ve already given her a lot of tips in the past she’s more likely to consider this a “repayment.” That makes it easier for her to justify than as a “freebie.”

Con: Expensive

One of the major cons to getting into a cam girl’s guild is that it’s often very expensive. Sometimes you have to reach a cumulative donation goal. This is a lot of money but you can budget it out over months. Sometimes they make the only way you can reach the next rank is one big tip. This can be overwhelming and often cost prohibitive. This is how she limits the people who are able to be part of the guild. It gives her a huge boost in earnings. It also means that the number of people in her guild isn’t going to get unmanageable. For example, if one tier of her guild is a KIK session with her she’s going to be making it pretty expensive. That way she won’t have to spend one hour on KIK with each of 500 different men. There aren’t enough hours in the day for that to work. Plus it would actually eat into the time she spends camming and earning her rent money. Do you feel that she’s pricing things to keep a lot of men out? Congratulations, you’re absolutely right.

Con: Commits You to One Cam Model

It doesn’t make financial sense to join one cam girl’s guild and then visit another cam girl. You won’t have the perks and you could be putting that money and those tips to your “real” cam girl. It also means that you have to keep on committing. Some guilds have a membership that expires after a year. This means you’ll have to pay all over again if you want access to all the goodies that you’re used to. When you join a cam model’s guild you’re declaring that she’s the only model for you. A lot of men find that limiting, and with good reason. After all, there are a lot of cam girls out there.

Con: Lots of Pressure to Keep Coming Back

Another major downside of joining a guild is that it commits you to one cam model. You’ve spent so much getting into her guild, what are you going to do now? Not see her ever again? You’re invested way too much to stop investing now. And guess what? When you’re doing your budget and you’re looking for things to cut? Well, you’re going to want to cut six things before you even review cutting of live chat sites for sex. It’s going to be a tough decision even if your finances can handle camming right now. If you never commit or invest too much into one cam girl it will be easier to break it off. That way you can save a little money for something else you enjoy.