When you get familiar with a cam site you’re going to drop some money there. While there are tons of women who model for online, live cams you’re most likely going to find…the one. The one woman who entertains you and turns you on more than any other. You might feel a special connection to her because she is okay with doing your weird fetishes. Or because she looks like your perfect woman. But unfortunately for you, she is not especially there to serve you. But if you’re willing to, you can get a one-on-one slot with your favorite cam girl.

Pay Up

Nothing is free. Even air can cost you some nasty hospital bills if it’s polluted enough. When you’re on a cam site you’re using the internet that you paid for, but actually talking to her is as free as it gets. You can chat with her and she can respond in text or through the microphone from her webcam. But besides that, she’s going to be in some sort of sexy clothing and, at the very most, tease you. The best tactic that a cam model uses is to pull out some dildos or vibrators to get your mind racing. Then she’ll most likely get some “premium” offer, a.k.a. none of the free using viewers can see her anymore, only the guy that paid for a private show.

So once you pay you’ll get into to a private chat service with her and will still see the feed. But remember that others can join in on this party. She still has access to the free chat stream, even though they can’t see her. As she’s getting naked and doing naughty things for you she might taunt them with “OMG I’m totally naked right now ;)”. The more flirty and naughty her taunt, the more guys will join. You might be getting the higher treatment, but so are they.

Premium Views

Alright, so you paid for a private show with her and seven other guys, but it’s not quite what you were thinking. A lot of sites will have an option for some sort of ultra premium time slot. Talk to your cam model and see if she can hook you up with a service like that.

Keep in mind: this will cost you quite a bit more, but you will get the privilege to have her all to yourself. Now you can talk her into doing any strange fetishes or, if you like, talk to each other in private.

The Phone

Only about 10 out of 1000 cam models will provide a talking service. This means that they give their phone number to the website and allow them to route calls to them. You can select the small phone symbol above her live feed and enter your own phone number. Then the company calls both of you from a third party number and will connect the two of you. Keep in mind that your feed online will get disconnected in most cases. Now you can talk to her in real time without anyone else butting in.