Live nude shows have the same risks for performers as a live theater show or live broadcast on television. One second you’ve got everything going your way and then the next moment you’ve tripped, stuttered, or broken character in a way that takes everyone out of the moment. For cam girls the stakes are even harder than a play; accidents with sex toys are often painful and definitely humiliating. If you catch a cam girl having an accident or performing some sort of faux pas here’s what you can do to smooth things over for her sake and yours.

Laugh It Off (Gently)

The best thing that you can do is take the tension out of the room. She’s messed up, everyone in the chat has seen her mess up, and there’s a big problem. There’s usually a moment when the fate of the chat hangs in the balance after something like this. Things can either move on or this can ruin the whole session. First, make sure that the cam model isn’t actually hurt. If she’s not hurt (or it’s just mild pain and not a serious injury; if she fell off the rocker she was supposed to be riding, for example), just laugh it off.

This easy gesture shows that it’s not really that big a deal that she made a simple mistake. It’s the kind of thing that cam girls love because it keeps everyone in the chat having a good time. You don’t have to be vindictive or cruel about it; a few chuckles and a couple “lols” will be more than enough to smooth things out.

Steer the Chat On

Once you’ve gotten a chuckle in and the light atmosphere of the chat is preserved, let things move on. Make another request (when she’s ready) and start talking about how sexy it is. Don’t keep bringing up the fact that she had an accident. You should definitely not fill in someone else who may just be entering the group chat or free space. If you’re in a private session then just give her a moment and go back to making requests. You will probably want to steer clear of the action that just led to her embarrassing situation, however.

Give Her a Few Minutes to Collect Herself

If something serious has happened and the cam model needs a few minutes to collect herself, give it to her. If you’re in private session especially, you don’t want her having to put herself back together while you pay to watch. That’s no fun for anybody, and it’s a waste of your money and her time. Still, sometimes (especially if she fell while putting on clothes, or something that was frightening even if it wasn’t that painful) she might need a little time. When that happens just tell her that you’re going to leave, give her a little privacy, and that you’ll be back in ten minutes for the rest of the session.

The hardest part? Don’t go into another models chatroom for those ten minutes. You could lose track of time, and it’s important for your relationship with the model that you return when you say you will. That makes you a gentleman, not an impatient dude who can’t handle the fact that accidents happen.