Sometimes we get jealous over women who don’t even belong to us. This can certainly be true for how some of us get when it comes to cam girls. When you are watching a cam girl, you want her to only pay attention to you. When she seems to be paying attention to other people, the urge to become the center of attention becomes strong and you will start finding yourself trying to figure out what to do when a cam girl is paying attention to someone else.

Use Him to Your Advantage

A lot of men become annoyed when a cam girl starts paying more attention to a single man than to everyone in the group. While we understand that it can be kind of irritating when she seems to be playing favorites, we think you should be able to use this to your advantage. The next time you are watching a cam girl and she seems to be doing practically everything one guy says, you should learn to manipulate the guy rather than being annoyed at the woman.

It is pretty much in a man’s nature to be competitive with each other, especially if we’re competing for women. However, when it comes to cam girls, one thing you can do instead of competing with the men around you is to get him to get the cam girl to do what you want her to do. You should obviously continue to watch the cam girl, but make sure you attempt to befriend the man that she’s playing favorites with.

The next time he mentions something that you find hot you can tell him that you share his opinion and then ask him about a few of your kinks. If he likes some of them, chances are, he will mention them to her and she will do them. Best of all, he’ll be the one to pay for it while you get to watch for free.

Mimic Him

If you don’t want to pay a lot of money, but you still want to grab ahold of the cam girl’s attention, you can start to subtly mimic the man she’s paying the most attention to. Obviously, you don’t want to mimic him word for word, but you should pay attention to the things he types and how he carries himself within the chat. You should then start doing the same thing, but take it a step further. Remember to pour on the charm. Even if she’s completely naked, a cam girl still wants to be complimented.

When a cam girl is paying too much attention to someone else, it doesn’t necessarily mean a bad thing as long as you are trying to compete with the guy that she is paying attention to. Rather than trying to outdo him, simply take the easy route and make her start to think that the two of you are similar.

If she thinks that, you have a better chance of her paying just as much attention to you as she does to him. There’s no point in getting worked up when you can manipulate people instead.