Cam girls get tons of viewers whenever they’re online. Most men are quick to settle with the fact that he has to share a cam girl’s attention with a ton of other men. A lot of men assume that when a cam girl pays special attention to one or more guys, she is playing favorites. The truth is that this assumption is correct. Why would a cam girl be more willing to do certain things for some men and not others? It’s because these men are some of her favorite customers. Now, you could get annoyed that she is focusing on what other men want and not you. But instead, you should try out a couple of tips and tricks to become a cam girl’s favorite customer.

Show Her that You’re Happy to See Her

The moment they sign online, many cam girls get flooded with messages and request by various men. Sometimes these messages can be vulgar and repetitive and it may put a damper on her mood and what she’s willing to do. Even if she’s there to arouse you, cam girls are still people with feelings. You want to make sure that the woman that you are watching is always in the mood to do what you want her to do. You have to remember to bring a smile to her face.

One thing you can do tell your cam girl know how happy you are to see her. Ask her how her day was, and whether she remembered to eat dinner (or breakfast or lunch). This may throw her off at first. But then let her know that you want to make sure that she’s taking care of herself and that you and the other guys can wait. Tell her that she is worth the waiting for. First of all, these simple compliments humanize you. They will also show her that you see her as more than a sexual object. She will more than likely be so surprised that someone cares about more than seeing her naked. She might even go so far to not charge you for some of your requests.

Don’t Forget the Tip

Cam girls love tips, but far too often they don’t receive as much as they should. When you watch her for the first time, you should remember to leave her a decent tip. Whatever you first think her tip should be, you should add always more to it. You want to do this at least twice. Then she’ll be willing to do a lot more for you and will accept your private requests without hesitation. Don’t want to tip her a lot every time? Then explain to her that you are having money problems but leave her only a small tip (even if you can spare more). Tell her that even though you’re having money issues, that you’ve worked seeing her into your budget. It will flatter her.

Becoming a cam girl’s favorite customer is easy. All it takes is a couple of considerate questions, a few compliments, and a tip here and there. You’ll stand out from the other guys, and get much more than you’re paying for.