There are a lot of reasons to pick a new cam girl. A lot of men shop around a lot when they first start using cam sites and they should. But sooner or later almost everyone meets the cam model of their dreams online. She does your favorite kinks. She’s your kind of hot. Whether you go for a femme fatal, manic pixie dream girl, super geek, or spunky cheerleader, it doesn’t matter. There are all these sorts and more online. You think that you could watch her every time you get online from now on. When that relationship is good then that’s great.

But when things go sour you might not even notice. If you have a steady cam girl then you should think about these five reasons with regards to her. If you start noticing things that you didn’t before then consider this your nudge to getting a new cam girl. Stop wasting your money on someone who’s not as good for you as she used to be.

There Are “dead” times on Camera

There should never be a dull moment when you’re with your cam girl. She should always have something to talk about or an exciting thing to show you with her tongue. The two of you shouldn’t get to be like an old married couple. She shouldn’t have run out of things for the two of you to talk about or for you to watch. Her job is to keep you loyal even though there are tons of adult chat sites out there. If she can’t think of something that wows you every time you log in then she’s not worth your money.

Think about it like this: if she was a new model that you’d never seen before, would you stick around for her shows? If you were trying to enjoy a new cam girl and she kept staring at the screen, not even smiling, why would you stick around? This isn’t a “let’s talk” kind of chat for you; you’re paying. She shouldn’t feel like because you’re her regular she can get comfortable enough to not give you what you ask for. Or to let things get boring for you.

She Makes Too Many Demands

If you wanted to listen to a woman complain, you could do that at home with a wife or a girlfriend. If she’s a bit sore from doing anal all that, it’s fine for her to say that she doesn’t want to do it. It’s also fine for you to end the chat right there and say that you’ll come back when she does feel up to it. This isn’t an effort to be rude, but again: you’re paying for this.

If she’s not in the mindset or the shape to do your kink today you’re not going to badger or force her. But you’re also not going to pay for something that you don’t want to see. You should stay excited about these sessions even though you’ve seen a lot of her.

Another thing to watch out for is whether she’s making demands of your time. Most cam girls like to do long one on one sessions. If she doesn’t like your regular twenty-minute sessions and is pressuring you to book her for an hour or longer? It’s time to back off. She needs to make money as much as anyone, but you like the amount of time that you have. If you decide to get more it’s going to be your call, not hers.

Remember that you’re the boss even if your kink says otherwise. If she says that either you’re going to have to book more time or she’s going to start favoring other guys over you? Let her know that that’s no way to treat a long time customer. If she still doesn’t budge wish her the best of luck with all those other guys, because you’re out of here. You’ll find a cam model who respects you, thanks all the same. There are plenty of adults on chats for sex who would love to have your time and wouldn’t be brats about it.

She’s Gotten Less Attractive over Time

If you’ve been with the same cam girl for more than a few months it could be time to do an attractiveness check. If you see her once a week or more it can be hard to tell if she’s still as good looking as she used to be. It’s the same reason why you rarely notice your coworkers aging. The effect is so slight day to day that it takes something big for you to notice all the little changing adding up.

For cam girls, time can be a fickle thing. It could be she’s been getting too much sun over the summer and her leathery skin is a turn-off. Or she’s gotten a little chubby in the last six months and you prefer slim women. Whatever the reason, it’s time to check if she’s still the hottest thing on the cam site.

If you have any still photos it can be great to do a compare and contrast. Generally, these are hard to get from cam models. But some give them out as rewards for reaching a certain tip cap, or joining their guild, as prizes when they do a raffle, or something of that nature.

If you can’t find photos then do a spot check the next time you have her in a cam session. Consider what you like most about her and then actually take a good look at it. Are her breasts still firm? Is she still flexible enough (and willing enough) to engage your contortion kink? If she’s not the hot stuff that she used to be then you should find someone who is.

She Complains about Her Personal Life

This is a big problem. To be indelicate for a minute, a woman who’s always complaining about her personal life is a boner killer. Nothing will make you less interested faster (as a general rule) than hearing her “vent” about her week. The problem here is that a lot of men want to be their cam girl’s white knight. She can tell you anything and you’re going to be there for her. That’s a very noble attitude, but the fact is that you’re paying for the chance to be her therapist-stand in. That’s not sexy and it’s not cool, and it’s unprofessional and gross.

If you want to hear about that, ask her about it and enjoy your session your way. If you’re a more mainstream guy, that’s not what you’re going to enjoy listening to. You can give her a chance to clean up her act, but if she doesn’t respond to suggestions you should cut her loose. Even if she’s having a hard time, it doesn’t mean you should be struggling to get hard.

Her Routine Is Always the Same

If you’ve seen it once, you’ve seen it a thousand times with this woman. The question then becomes, “Why are you still watching?” She should make an effort to change it up. Adult camming sex sites with chats are pretty common. If you’ve got some kinks that you like she should show the initiative to spice things up. She should make it a little more interesting for you. If she does the same thing time and time again or, even worse, is resistant to change? Then you should leave her for another cam girl. One who will spice things up for you without needing you to nag her.