Cam girls make better money than a waitress, but it’s still true that the bulk of her income comes from tips. Also like a waitress, tipping when appropriate is mandatory. Polite, decent people treat their cam girls like real humans. The question then becomes when can you tip to get the most out of your money? Don’t flash the cash for nothing!

1. To Reach a Tip Cap

When cam models put on group or party chats she’s often deciding what she does based on a group pool. Everyone tips into the common pool and when you pass certain milestones she’ll do certain things. These can be specific actions, saying specific things or using specific toys, or finally getting naked for everyone to see. When you’re in a group chat it’s bad manners to not chip in anything, so when should you contribute? The best time to tip is when you’ll be the one to push things over the top. If you’re the one who pushes it over the next tip milestone, everyone will remember that you’re the one who made her strip. That’s how you build a good reputation.

2. Rewarding Adventurous Behavior

If you’ve asked the cam girl to do something she’s never done before, toss a couple bucks her way for being a good sport. This will make her work harder to please you.

3. She Chooses You over Someone Else

Return customers are a big deal in the cam modeling world, so if you see her a few times she’s going to start treating you with more respect. She might even choose a private chat with you over a group chat or a private session with someone else. When you see her doing this, reward her loyalty. The more time she devotes to you the better she’ll get and giving you what you want.

4. When You Want Her Attention Right Now

This way of getting her attention lacks serious finesse, but it works. If you’re in a group session and you absolutely, positively have to have her attention right now, then you can tip her to get her to focus on you. Cam girls are performers, and she’ll follow where the money is. But be careful that you don’t let another guy goad you into a tipping war. If there are too many men wanting her attention tonight, it’s best to find a lonelier cam girl.

5. If She Works Overtime for You

If she has to have to sign off at a certain time but then stays extra in an attempt to help you finish, reward her with a tip. Going above and beyond in the line of duty is something you should reward because it’s all to your benefit.

There many other times when tipping your cam girl results in better service. But these are the top five common times to tip. Follow these rules and your money will actually be working for you. Then you’ll get you more show and build your reputation with the models. That’ll make things even better the next time.