It should come as no surprise that cam girls lie. Most of these lies are harmless. They’re designed to boost your enjoyment of the show and/or to protect her privacy. Even if she loves cam modeling from her bedroom, that doesn’t mean that she wants to meet her clients in real life. Also, in the interest of giving good service, she’ll often have to lie about other things. These lies are harmless but common and actually part of the show. Knowing she’s fibbing going into a show will make it less likely to distract you from having fun.

It’s Her Kink Too

This is the most common lie that a cam girl tells. Want her to eat three donuts and chug a glass of milk? Spank herself with a paddle? Deny herself orgasm on camera for minutes at a time? She’s going to tell you that she’s so glad you asked because this is her kink too. She’s not doing it to be mean and she definitely doesn’t mean anything by it. She wants you to feel great, and part of that means playing into the fantasy that every kink you bring up gets her off. It’s possible that it does; being a cam model doesn’t mean that she can’t have her own little quirks. But don’t think that you’ve found your soul mate because she has all the same kinks that you do. The odds are that she actually doesn’t. Still, she’s happy to make you happy, and that’s a pretty nice thing.

She’s so Wet Right Now

This is another harmless lie that’s told to boost your happiness and confidence. What guy doesn’t get off on the idea that you made the professional cam girl hot? She’s hoping to bring you greater enjoyment. If she reaches between her legs and holds up sticky fingers to the camera, she’s likely been applying lube. This makes it easier for her to play with herself and use any toy you want with ease. This makes her comfortable too and, yes, can lead her to greater arousal. So when she says that thinking about the things that you’re going to ask her to do makes her wet, remember: it’s all a part of the act. Enjoy it for what it is.

What’s Her Name

This should be obvious, but don’t believe what a cam girl tells you about her name, where she’s from, or anything like that. A lot of the reason so many women enjoy cam modeling over actual prostitution is because it’s so much safer. She can please men from all over the world without the risk of violence or shame. Having what she does for a living all over her local neighborhood could ruin things for her. She’s protecting her identity while inventing a more sexy persona along the way. She gets her privacy respected and you get a fantastic show with a story to go with it. It’s a win-win situation all around.

Is this Real Life or is it Just Fantasy?

Keep in mind that all of this is part of creating a fantasy world that you – and she – will feel comfortable enough to have lots of fun. Now go find the kind of model you’re into by visiting our reviews homepage and checking out the “Best Site by Model Type” directory.