If you spend any amount of time watching cam girls, eventually you are bound to notice that not all of her viewers are particularly nice. Just like with pretty much any profession, cam girls are going to have to deal with some assholes now and then – and not just their own. No, there are tons of guys who treat cam girls badly and while it’s one thing to see a guy poke fun at a cam girl, it’s another thing entirely when he winds up ruining the show for you, too.

Some cam girls are more sensitive than others and just one guy being mean to her can wind up making her shut off entirely and have to end her show early. It’s definitely not an ideal situation for you by any stretch of the imagination. Now, it’s all well and good to be able to recognize that it’s not ideal, but what can you do about it?

Does your blood surge at the sight of a cam girl being mistreated? Do you feel the urge to jump into the action and make sure that he gets what’s coming to him? If so, you may be a white knight. Before you start shining your armor, you should realize that this isn’t exactly a good thing.

Sometimes it’s good to white knight a cam girl, and sometimes it’s not. If you want to make sure you always get the best experiences from your experiences on the best sex cam sites out there, you need to know when it’s time to step in and when it’s time to step away. If you’re curious, then you should read on:

What Constitutes as White Knighting

If you’ve never heard the term before, you’re probably a little confused. When it comes down to it, the concept of white knighting really isn’t complicated at all. If you see a cam girl – or anyone on the Internet, really – being bullied or trolled, and you jump to their defense, that’s usually seen as white knighting.

If you get extremely serious about it and really go after the person causing the trouble, that’s when it becomes an issue for some people. There’s nothing wrong with defending someone, but there are quite a few people who find the traditional white knight behavior to be annoying. Sometimes, even cam girls can be annoyed by it. She may not want to be defended by one of her viewers, especially if she just wants to pretend nothing is happening.

Just sticking up for someone briefly might not be enough to constitute as white knighting. However, if you get really intense about it and start raising a fuss and going out of your way to refute everything the troll or harasser says, then that tends to be white knight behavior. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can get quite distracting if you go out of your way to raise a stink.

When to White Knight and How to Do It

White knighting has its place, and there are going to be situations where it is an appropriate response to what’s going on. If you notice a cam girl is being treated badly by one of her viewers, you may want to step in with a quick comment to try and get him off her back. Sometimes this is enough to get the guy to shut up and enough to gain the favor of the cam girl you’re watching – but sometimes it can just escalate things, and that’s not exactly a good thing.

If you’re on the top-rated sex cam sites available, hopefully, there will not be many situations where you have to deal with this type of behavior. Still, sometimes things can get a little heated, no matter what type of site you’re on, and you might not want to deal with a distracting troll.

It’s best to try and keep things as civil and understated as possible when you want to defend a cam girl. Don’t start flinging insults and really going after the guy that’s bothering your cam girl. Try just to get him off her back so you can get back to the show. On good quality sites, there should hopefully be a moderator in the room that can kick the guy out, so keep an eye out for your own behavior to avoid getting booted.

Why Some Cam Girls Hate Being White Knighted

You might think that you’re doing your cam girl a favor by defending her – but out of nowhere, she snaps and gets all over you for white knighting her. This is pretty much the exact opposite of the effect you want to have when you go to defend a cam girl. So what gives? Well, some cam girls really hate being defended, and if you try too hard to defend her honor, you can really wind up striking a nerve.

Sure, it might be tempting to try and get a troll off her back so that she can wind up getting back to her performance…but she might not always be agreeable to your help. Try not to lay things on too thick, because there is a decent enough chance that she’ll be the type that hates being helped by her viewers.

For some cam girls, getting defended by a viewer may not be agreeable to her because she just wants to pretend nothing is happening. This is a fairly common reaction, so try to see how she feels about it before you jump to her defense. She may not appreciate you jumping in to try and help her, especially if she would prefer to take care of her own problems.

Having the Right Mentality for White Knighting

It’s important to not take things too seriously if you’re going to be trying to defend the cam girls you watch on the highest quality sex cam sites available. You need to try and be casual so that you don’t wind up making a fool of yourself for everyone to see. If you take white knighting way too seriously, you’re not only going to make yourself into a target, but you can wind up really upsetting your cam girl as well. That’s not how you should go about things, and you could wind up ruining things for yourself if you’re not careful with how far you go. If you’re easily upset, this probably is not a situation you should put yourself into. It’s important to be able to keep your cool at all times.

Remember that you can always switch cams so that you don’t have to deal with the harassing viewers anymore. If you get heated and start flinging insults, then you’re no better than the guy who started causing trouble in the first place, and you stand just as good of a chance as getting booted as the original troll. It’s important to try and be civil when you’re defending a cam girl because otherwise, you can start causing much more trouble than she wants to deal with.

If she asks you to stop, then you should always heed it. It’s important not to take these situations personally, because you could really wind up messing things up for yourself.