When you’re using cam sites, we’re willing to bet that hooking up with a woman in person is the last thing on your mind. We don’t blame you – it’s a little bit hard to concentrate with a smoking hot cam girl doing nasty things on cam right before your very eyes, but you may benefit from trying to focus on things other than her at least a little bit.

You can actually use your experience on cam sites to improve your game with women in real life, believe it or not – and you don’t have to take notes or anything that will distract you from the amazing experience taking place on your computer screen. Sure, this may not be on any list of conventional sexy video chat site tips, but it can wind up helping you out in a major way if you have trouble attracting women in real life. Even if you’re just a bit rusty at picking up women in person, you can use your experiences on cam sites to help hone your skills.

Testing Our Your Hookup Skills on Cam Girls

One way you can use cam sites to help hone your skills at picking up women is to just straight up practice your skills on the cam girls that you choose to view. If you have a certain way you like to approach women and what icebreakers you use, test them out on the cam girls of your choosing. This is awesome if you’re nervous about walking up to women or talking to them in person because you’ll often find that you become more confident when dealing with women over the Internet. This makes it easier for you to test things out and learn what does and doesn’t work.

It is worth noting that the dynamic that you will have with your cam model of choice is going to be a little bit different from the dynamic you would have with a woman that you would meet in a bar or club. A cam girl has to humor you to a certain point since she is going to be depending on you to tip her and watch her show. Because of this, she may be slightly more accepting and flattering than a woman would be in person. This does not mean that have a cam girl reacts has no bearing on how a woman would react in person, but it does mean that she is going to be slightly more tolerant of things.

Because of this, you may want to take her reactions with a grain of salt. Try to focus on how desperate she seems to be to get you to tip her. If she seems like she is way too invested in getting your money, then chances are that she is going to be agreeable to pretty much anything you say. This means that she’s not going to be a very good indicator of what does and doesn’t work.

Learning How to Talk to Women with Confidence

One other way you can use cam sites to your advantage when you want to improve your hookup game is to build your confidence. This isn’t something that can be done so easily in person because it can often be intimidating just to approach women that you don’t know. Confidence is key when it comes to hooking up, so you want to make sure that you can be as confident as possible – and you can gain that skill by talking to cam girls regularly. This is one of the biggest tips we have for using sexy video chat sites. The cam girls are not going to laugh you off or throw drinks in your face if you say the wrong thing, so you can really grow your confidence and decide how you should approach women in person.

Of course, talking to a cam girl is not really the same as talking to women in person, but it will allow you a chance to practice talking to a very attractive woman without having to worry too much about how they will react to you. If you are definitely shy, this is the best way for you to go about practicing talking to women without actually having to figure out how to approach them. Cam girls are going to be much more kind and receptive since it is basically their livelihood to be accepting of shy guys.

Watching Her Closely to See What She Likes

This may not be as straightforward as just using a cam girl to improve your confidence and approach, but it will definitely help you later on if you pay close attention. Cam girls are going to do their best to make things look good on camera, sure, but they are also going to do things that feel good to them. If you’re not sure exactly how to reduce women to shuddering messes underneath you, watching cam girls can provide a good base to start off of. She’s going to focus on the parts of her body that feel best, so take note of what she does and you should be able to apply what you learn to real-life hookups with relative ease.

It’s still worth noting that while she may be doing things that she likes, she is still trying to put on a show. Just because you saw one camgirl doing something does not mean that all women are going to like it. However, it may give you at least a few ideas on how to please women in bed creatively. At the very least, cam girls are going to be a better learning experience than porn stars, since porn stars are purely performers.

Cam girls are still interested in their own pleasure, even if they are trying to make it look as good as possible for the camera. You may want to consider asking your cam girl of choice what she really enjoys and how she gets herself off. She will likely be more than happy to demonstrate for you. This means that you can watch a hot girl pleasuring herself on camera, all while learning new things that you can try on women in bed later on.

Applying It to Real Life Hooking Up

Once you’ve gone over all our tips about using sexy video chat sites to improve your hookup game, you may be curious how you can apply these things to real life. It may not always be easy, but it will definitely improve your chances with women in person. The most important thing to take away from this is that you need to be confident. Women are not going to be interested in going home with the guy who was too shy to approach them. It sucks, but it is a fact of life.

If you can gain confidence in talking to women, then you will be able to approach the women that you want to hook up with without being shy. You may still learn some interesting tips or tricks by watching cam girls on a regular basis, but the most important thing is being comfortable talking to women that you are attracted to. It really isn’t as difficult as you may be making yourself think it is.