Paying for cam girls is expensive. Like anything else that’s expensive, you want to get what you pay for. Cam girls that don’t really do anything for you are a huge waste of cash. If you’re new to the sex cam game, you probably don’t know what to look for. It can be easy to waste big bucks on a cam girl that doesn’t do anything for you. To make sure that you’re not blowing your (cash) wad prematurely, learn what makes a cam girl worth paying for.

1. She’s Approachable

The best sex cam sites are going to offer chat features for guests and for members. You can chat up the girls using this feature. A good cam performer is going to interact with the guys in chat. She’ll be flirty and might even tease a bit. Don’t expect too much of a show, though; she makes money through private chats, so you’ll have to pay before you see anything really good. The top cam girls do give a little away in chat because that’s how they lure you into paying for a private session. Avoid the girls in chat that don’t interact with guys and won’t show you anything.

2. She Does What She’s Supposed To

The best cam girls are the ones that do what you paid them to do. It’s common for some performers to try and waste time by running their mouths once you’re in a private chat with them. You don’t want that. What you do want is a cam girl that gets right down to business. Remember, it’s a service that you paid for. You tell her what to do and she should do it. If she doesn’t, she’s wasting your time and money.

3. She Focuses on You

A cam girl is the star of the show, but you’re really the one that matters. Some girls just try to get it over with as soon as possible once you’ve paid. That’s not going to cut it. You want a girl who takes her time (without wasting it) and gives you a show that blows your mind. If she does exactly what you tell her to and then some? Then she’s worth it.

4. She Earns Her Tip

You’re going to know the difference between a good show and an amazing one. Don’t tip a performer that just got the job done. If you do that, you’re rewarding mediocrity. Tip the one that got you off in a way that defies explanation and makes you want to keep coming back for more.

5. You Want to Be Her Regular

Return customers are what a cam girl wants. Unfortunately, becoming a regular can be expensive. Make sure she’s really worth another visit. Again, you’ll know whether she was adequate or awesome, so use that as a way to decide whether you want to pay her for another show. Becoming a regular can have some perks for you. A good cam girl will appreciate your generosity and might even reward your return with some perks of her own. If that’s not worth coming back for, what is?

Next up: Signs of a BAD cam performer (and we mean bad-bad, not the good-bad kind.)