There are more cam girls performing right now than you could probably watch in your whole life. With all of that variety at your fingertips, it can be tempting to shop around to try to find as many different cam models as you can. While there’s nothing wrong with changing it up, overall you should try to find a cam girl that you really like and stick with her. Here’s why it makes more sense to have one main cam girl rather than trying someone new every time.

She’ll Learn What You Like

Cam girls treat their regular customers like kings. It’s the only way to keep them coming back. When a cam girl notices that you’ve been back to see her a few times in a reasonable length of time she’ll start to remember you. She’ll remember what you like and play that up when she knows that you’re online in free or group chats, and she’ll get practice giving you what you want in a private context. This is especially true if you have very specific kinks that you want to indulge with a live cam girl. Rather than having to explain what you’re into again and again you can explain once and watch her get even better at pleasing you over time. Knowing that you’re on her mind all the time can be a powerful turn on.

Cumulative Tip Goals

A lot of cam girls have cumulative tip goals. This means that men who tip enough over the course of a month, six months, or just ever will get access to something special. Typically these extras are an email address where you can send your requests for nudes, a Snapchat account where she’ll randomly reward you with sexy candid shots, or a place in her hall of fame. These little perks are great compensation for being a regular customer, and you’ll never get them if all you do is shop around. It’s smarter to spend your money on viewing and tips to earn something than to pay the same money to several different women for no perks.

Easier to Keep Track of Spending

Lastly, picking one cam girl means that you can easily keep track of how much you’re spending at cam sites. You can budget out how much you’re going to pay for sessions, how much you’re going to tip, and you can keep careful track of how long you’re online. The biggest risk of shopping around (money wise) is that you’ll lose track of time and then of how much money you’ve spent. This is especially true of sites that don’t use tokens but draw directly from your credit line. When you’re shopping around you could be online for two hours, spend a full hour of that just window shopping, trying to decide which cam girl to watch next, and have to add up how much you spent each time you leave a chat. It’s easier to keep track of one woman at $3.99 per minute than one at $3.99, one at $1.99, and two at $.99.