When looking at a cam site comparison guide, a lot of cam sites are into a style of cam chatting where a bunch of men are in the same stream with a single cam girl, instead of a more private or limited style of cam experience. Because of this, it can be hard to get any one-on-one time with your favorite cam girl, even if it is just her noticing you or taking your request into consideration. In order to make sure you aren’t ignored in a chat room with a hundred other guys vying for her attention, know what you need to do in order to be an engaging guest, worthy of her attention.

1. Having Confidence in Yourself

Being confident in your abilities as a man is one sure fire way to woo any lady. Women love a man who is confident. A confident man is a guy who knows what he wants, what he has to do to get it, and just what he’s capable of, no more and no less. This isn’t just something that can win you a lady’s ear online, either. Women pick up on a confident man’s vibe in any venue, even if it’s in an online cam site chat room.

Remember, though, that being confident in yourself is not the same thing as being cocky. Don’t be brash and rude and loud, as these are signs of a confident man. You don’t have to scream the loudest or act the toughest to exude confidence, just have an attitude that tells people that you’re sure of yourself.

2. Knowing How to Be Polite

When you open up a chat box on a cam site, compare the people in the chat to one another. How many men who are being blatantly rude and offensive are being paid attention to? Are the ones who are being more low-key and civil getting the fairer treatment? You may notice that being polite will get you a lot further than someone who is berating and harassing a cam girl to do just what he wants.

Know how to be polite in a setting such as this. Sure, you’re asking a woman to do sexual acts for you, and that’s definitely not a typical setting, but you can still be polite when making your requests. As much as you may not think so, your cam girl is a human just like you are, and she deserves to be treated like one: with politeness and respect.

3. Know How to Open Up Your Interaction

Once you get her attention, the idea is to get her to pay attention to you enough to where she’ll take your requests and do what you ask of her. When she does acknowledge you, knowing how to drive the conversation to the desired endpoint is the overall goal. Find a way into having a small and setting appropriate conversation, and strike while the iron is hot.

First, find a way to engage her that is interesting. When she reacts, continue for another few responses. If she drops you, keep trying until you get her back. When you feel like you’ve made a reasonable connection, then ask for your request to be handled. A good cam girl will know that this is just how to please customers and go for what you’re asking her to do.

4. Avoid Being Cheesy

As much as you may be aware that your favorite cam girl isn’t like a girlfriend or a lady you’re trying to hook up with in real life, a lot of guys seem to forget this in their approaches to “pick her up”. Going into a cam girl chat room and trying out cheesy one-liners won’t get your requests taken care of, meaning you’ll be pretty disappointed the whole night.

Think about what you say to your cam girl in terms of the actual women you would like to date or have sex with. Would they fall for this stupid one-liner? Would they go out with you with this kind of semi-witty banter? If the answer is no, your cam girl probably won’t listen to you when you use it on her either.

5. Complimenting Her

Women love to be complimented, as long as it’s coming from a genuine place and isn’t in a rude way. For example, seeing a girl in a bar and saying that you like her hair is a way of complimenting a woman that isn’t rude or creepy. Yelling across a street at a woman that you think she has a nice rear end, however, is a kind of compliment that women don’t necessarily like. Your cam girl wants to be treated in the same way.

She knows that she has a nice bottom, nice breasts, and a great blow out. That’s part of her job. Instead of stating the obvious, tell her something that she’s not used to hearing in a chat room full of guys who are focusing on her butt. Say that her eyes or nice or that she has good skin. These are compliments she’ll actually WANT to hear.

6. Be Persistent but Not Obnoxious

In a chat room filled with a bunch of other men vying for the Internet affection of one lady, you’re going to have to shout just a little bit to have your request heard, or else it will get lost in the sear of other men trying to get her to listen to their own desires. You should be persistent with your request, but also know just when to give up and call it a day.

Being obnoxious about your request isn’t a great way to make a cam girl notice you. In fact, the more you spam her with your requests, the more likely she is to avoid you altogether. Being annoying won’t get you anywhere except blocked if she’s aggravated enough.

7. Have a Friendly Demeanor

Your cam girl doesn’t want to deal with a guy who is a jerk. If after repeatedly denying or ignoring your request you feel a little aggravated, take it out on someone else or just get over it instead of berating your cam girl.

Remember that there are many cam girls on the Internet and one of them is sure to listen to what you want. The ruder you are to your favorite cam girl, or one in particular, the less likely she will be to engage with you in future cam sessions. Simply move onto another cam girl or get over the fact that this particular girl isn’t into your kink.

8. Asking About a Private Room

A lot of cam sites will just have a large variety of open rooms for viewers to partake in. In comparison, other cam sites will give viewers the option to pay higher fees to see special girls in a one on one room, or even the regular girls during a special private session.

Look up cam sites that offer private rooms in order to make sure a cam girl has all eyes on you and knows exactly what you want. If you truly want your request taken into consideration, this is the best way to approach the situation. You’ll most likely have to pay a little more than normal, but it may just be worth it in the end.