Paying for Your Cam Girl

When you’re online at a cam site you might be wondering why the hell these women are just flaunting themselves on a web cam. Well, despite popular belief, it’s not just to make you horny. They’re actually students and working women who are trying to bring in some extra cash. They don’t get it directly from you, but they do get tips and such from customers. The cam site uses the tokens paid to them to rate and pay out the girls. But why tokens? What are they, exactly? As a noob for a cam site you might be feeling a little bit lost. That’s alright; it’s not all that crazy once you break it down.

Why Tokens Even Exist

Tokens are a way to tip women online and pay for their services without sounding like you’re spending a ton of money. Just like in a game, there’s a currency that’s different from ours. When you’re spending tons of money on a site you’re going to be way more likely not to want to spend more there. But when you convert your currency into theirs, you tend to lose track of how much you have. It’s not often that a guy will stop and think “Okay, I have ten tokens left, that’s about five dollars. Is it worth it to buy this chick’s panties for that amount?” Instead you’re just stoked that you have tokens and you want some used panties. It all breaks down to being easier to spend.

How Much They’re Worth

How much a token is worth varies quite a bit from site to site, unfortunately. But on average you’re going to be looking at around $0.10 per token. Sites don’t sell them individually, you need to buy them in packs. Generally you can spend $10 and get 100 tokens. Some sites call these “credits,” some call them “coins,” or may have other site-branded terminology, but they’re all effectively tokens and usually work the same way. On our cam site description pages in the review site, you’ll see the most commonly available bundles on the right side, along with the best price per token or credit available if we have that information.

Besides using them for tipping the girls, you’re not going to find a lot that’s worth just 100 tokens. Women sell their used socks, panties, and other items for 600-1000 tokens or more. Also, requests for shows like anal, fisting, foot fetish, etc. can take up a few hundred tokens each.

How You Use Them

When you’re spending the tokens you’re not going to find a general menu with a fixed price for all the models. Luckily, because they’re all unique, you can negotiate with them as to what you’ll get. Just make sure you message them or ask in the cat room before you start a private show. You may not have to get tokens when you’re on the site, but if you want anything extra that is offered, you’re going to have to tip them with tokens… or get creative.

Getting Around the Token

Cam girls do really love creative tips. Sometimes they might even outright ask you for creative tips. Pretty much they just mean they want gifts. You can get them sex toys, lingerie, or even gift cards to online stores like Amazon. These women don’t have to exclusively rely on the website to get their tips. The more creative you are with getting them their presents the more likely they’ll be down to do more favors with you for cheap or free in the private shows.