In a perfect world, every sex cam site would be legit. Unfortunately, things don’t work that way. Cam sites might seem like the perfect solution to being alone and horny, but a lot of the time they’re not. This isn’t to say that there aren’t legit sites out there. The best sites are great, but it’s finding them that can be tricky. In order to get the best out of sex cam sites, you need to recognize a scam site from a good one.

Overseas Origins

Many, if not most, of the cam sites that originate from overseas (often based in Russia and China) are just scams to screw you out of your money. Some of these sites will look like crappy knockoffs of some of the top sites. It can be hard to tell where these sites are from, but a look at the models can help with that. Bottom line: if a site looks sketchy, skip it and find another one.

No Free Trial

The top cam sites will offer you a free trial before you have to hand over your credit card info. This lets you experience some of the models and the features the site offers, letting you know whether it’s legit or not. Any cam site that doesn’t offer a free trial is suspicious. If they prompt you for your financial info before you even get a look at the models, chances are good that they’re just looking to scam you.

Phishing Attempts

Most scam sites are going to be overflowing with phishing attempts. If you’re hanging out in the member or free chat area and a user keeps posting a link, don’t click it. It’s probably a phishing attempt. The same goes for any kind of link you’re presented with throughout the site or through messaging. You wouldn’t stick your dick in a strange hole, would you? The same goes for links. If it looks funky, skip it.

Crappy Models

If you wind up with a cam girl that talks more than she puts out, she’s scamming you indirectly by screwing you out of the sexy time you paid for. If you get a model that immediately starts telling you how much she’d like to meet you in real life, she’s looking to work you over for real. The same goes with models that claim to love you or want to marry you. No matter how awesome it seems, it’s going to end with them asking you to send them money so they can buy a plane ticket to get to you. If you’re stupid enough to fall for it you might as well just kiss your money goodbye now.

Crappy Customer Support

Legit cam sites have good customer support teams. If there’s a problem, they’re going to clear it up for you because they want your business. Scam sites are going to have customer support that’s either crappy or non-existent. If it takes them weeks to address the suspicious charge that’s on your credit card, they don’t have your best interests in mind. The same goes if they don’t address your complaints about a cam girl who’s been asking you for money. You’re better off to find a new cam site if that’s the case.