What’s worse than striking out with that girl you were checking out at the bar the other night? Coming home to find your virtual pockets were picked by a shady live sex cam site. Like anything else on the web, the “buyer beware” mentality is the best way to avoid watching your bank account take a nose dive. If you’re already signed up on a cam site, here are a few things to look for that’ll let you know if you’re getting screwed—and not in a good way.

Shady Customer Service and Payment Setups

The first sign on the list is crappy customer service and payment options. If the site you’re using won’t let you do anything until you send over your credit card number, that’s a big red flag. While you most likely won’t see much in the free trial, if you don’t even get to try things out before you start dropping cash on the girls, chances are the site’s trying to take advantage of all the blood rushing away from your head and pull a quick scam.

If you’ve already signed up to a shady site and have an issue, customer service that makes the bitchy chick answering the phones at your cable company’s call center look helpful in comparison is another tell-tale sign that you’re getting cheated. You’ll figure this one out especially fast the first time the site “accidentally” overcharges your card and gives you the indefinite runaround while you try and get a refund.

Cam Girls That Talk More than Your Wife

The next time you’re getting down to business on a cam site, take a moment to compare how much action you’re seeing compared to how much the cam girl is running her mouth. One of the easiest ways a cam girl or site can cheat you is by switching out the sexy stuff for something that’s closer to an afternoon talk show.

Unless this is what gets you off, you’re not getting your money’s worth by listening to a girl talk about her day or how she wants to go back to school to be a nurse. Leave that boring stuff to when you’re with your girlfriend or wife and find a cam girl or site that puts out for cash the way she’s supposed to.

The “L” Word

The biggest scam out there often comes from overseas. Not only do these sites sometimes come with viruses and phishing attempts designed to nab your credit card info, but they also have something that can be even more dangerous: beautiful cam girls that toss out the “L” word as a way of getting you to dump even more money into their virtual tip jar.

While any cam girl can tell you they love you, the ones from Russia and other places afar use this weapon to entice you into handing over big chunks of money, all with the promise that they’ll come to visit. While it might seem pretty obvious that this is just another way to cheat you out of more money now, plenty of other guys have fallen for this one in the heat of the moment once the cam girl starts showing a little extra skin.