It would seem to be a basic feature of most live sex webcam sites and so the short answer to this question is “yes.” But that’s not the entire answer. As with anything online, you get what you pay for. And sometimes you can get bamboozled.

When you go to a cam site you’re expecting to get some material to jack off to, at the very least. The thing is, much like real life, some women can be nothing more than a cock tease. Paying the site does get you into a private peep show with the cam model of your choice. But once you get it it’s still up to her how far she’ll end up going. You can always give her a bad rating if she does end up shafting you. Still, when you’re dealing with cold hard cash, you’re going to want to make sure that you get your pie and are able to eat it too.

Look at Her Score

On every cam site, you’re going to see at least eight pages of women who are trying to get you to come to their channel. While there are definitely gems in those back pages, the first set of girls will always be the highest rated. They also tend to be the ones that have sound with their webcams. Having sound will improve your visit with the model. Not having it is a bit like banging a mute person. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But, all the faces with none of the noise can get a bit dull. Anyway, since they’re higher rated, they’re also more likely to cost more. But hey, what do you expect?

Look at Her Chat Room

Luckily joining a chat room is free. Once you get there take a look at the chat history. While she might not be responding back in text form, you can see what the guys have asked. From her follow up you can tell if she obliged them or not. If the chat room seems boring or she seems like a stubborn cam-flirt, then move on to the next one. Now, there is another side to this coin. If she isn’t having a lot of luck tonight then she might be willing to do more to get you to try a premium time slot with her.

Talk to Her for a While

Hey, it’s true that you’re here to get your rocks off. But if you’re doing it through a live cam site then you’re not in a hurry, so chill. Stay in the room for a little while and get to know her. You don’t have to talk about her family and what she’s going to school for. But see how flirty she is and if she brings out some toys for you to wonder about. Like in real life, she’s got to have that something extra to keep you interested.

Assess the Situation

Now that you’ve gotten a handle on what’s going on, you can finally pay. But before you click that button, ask her if she’ll do what you’re looking for. If she agrees with it first then you’ll be way more likely to get some personalized porn.