A lot of people are more than happy to overlook the rules on camming sites, but it’s in your best interest to study them before you start investing in any site. There are a number of rules that come across as very surprising to audience members and cam girls alike, so it’s important to stay up to date on what is and is not allowed.

The obscenity laws in the U.S. dictate the rules on most major cam sites, and violating them is a mistake you don’t want to risk. Not only that, but most cam models have a personal set of limitations that they won’t perform on camera, no matter what you’re willing to pay them. Here are some of the ways you risk your wallet by skipping the rules section of your most frequented cam sites.

You Waste Time When You’re Paying per Minute

There are some shows, commonly known as “exclusive” shows, that require you to pay per minute for one-on-one time with the cam girl of your choice. These shows do NOT come cheap and can cost anywhere from $2 per minute to $8 per minute, depending on the popularity of the cam model and how much she prefers to charge. When you’re paying that much, you want to have your requests prepared ahead of time so you can make every moment count.

If you didn’t read the site rules OR the model’s personal rules, you risk wasting a lot of time on pointless requests that the model won’t be able to willing to fulfill. No matter how much you’re paying, a model is not going to put her career on the line to break the law for your off-the-wall requests.

Cam Sites Aren’t Going to Refund You if You Get Banned

If you somehow manage to constantly get yourself silenced while spending time on a cam site, you’re eventually going to be permanently booted off the site. If this happens, there’s no guarantee that you’re going to get your credits or tokens refunded to you. Talk about a waste of money. It’s better to suck it up and act on your best behavior if you have a bunch of credits purchased on a cam site.

You Can Get in Serious Legal Trouble for Breaking the Rules

The biggest possible drain on your expenses and a great way to ruin your life and reputation is to get caught breaking a serious law. If you want to pay model to act out role play scenes or use crazy props, then you need to be fully aware of national and state laws that involve what cam models can and cannot legally do. If you both get caught exchanging money for something that’s illegal, you can face charges from the state and the cam site that you jeopardized. That’s a whole giant can of worms that you don’t even want to get near, so just be sure to actually READ the rules for your favorite cam sites and to stick to them.