When you think of places you can go online that will rock your world, you might think that sites, where you can see gorgeous girls strutting it on webcam, are at the bottom of the list. After all, aren’t these dried-up old sites just the sad spank material that your dad used to get off on whenever he was relegated to the couch?

Fortunately for you (and your mental images), these sites are a hell of a lot different these days. You don’t have to worry anymore that you’ll be getting the same, stale product that’s been around forever. There are a lot of things that men these days believe about cam sites that simply aren’t true. Three of the myths that we’re going to address today are that:

  • All sites like this are scams or have a virus
  • You are just paying to watch a live show
  • You get the same thing over and over again

If you’ve avoided going to sites with live webcam girls because you believed any of that, it’s time to rethink your position. Let us show you what you could find when you put aside those pre-conceived notions. It’s time to explore the options you have out there. You might find yourself having a hell of a lot more fun than you thought you ever could.

More Protection for the Customer

One of the biggest criticisms of these sites in the past is the fact that a lot of people thought they were unsafe. As long as men have been able to visit websites, there were women on those sites eager to take off their clothes for money. We were all warned to stay away from those pixelated titties for fear of catching the online equivalent of chlamydia. So, what’s changed?

One of the major changes is that these sites actually run themselves like businesses now. They see you, the customer, as someone that they need to protect and take care of. They value your money, and they value your input, and they truly want to make it a good site for you. No, not from the goodness of their hearts, but from the goodness of their wallets. They understand the value of a repeat customer now in a way that they never have before. That’s because there’s so much competition among websites now.

That competition is another thing you have in your favor. It used to be that any old site was as good as the next, and no one could afford to make web pages look THAT good, anyway. This is not the case any longer. Some sites are still scammers but it’s a lot easier to tell whether a site is a scam or not today. There’s also the fact that a quick google search of the website’s name plus the word “scam” or “fake” is enough to weed out the worst offenders. That means you don’t have to be quite as paranoid as perspective cammers have been in years past. In other words, you still need to keep your guard up, but that’s no reason not to enjoy yourself online.

More Interaction with the Cam Girls

If you stopped by for a little peep show in the olden days of the Internet, you saw a girl doing a sexy strip show. She might talk to the customers, with very little talk-back from them. Back then, you needed specialized equipment to talk with someone over the Internet. This isn’t the case these days. Cam sites are at the forefront of new technology to help us get our rocks off in new and ever more innovative ways.

Back then, you’d be lucky if the girl stopped giving her show for a second to ask if you liked it. These days, live shows don’t resemble the peep shows in the back of adult bookstores. They’re more a sexy conversation. Sometimes there are many participants, and sometimes it’s you and the cam girl. Either way, you’re going to get a lot more interaction than you would have.

If you have a microphone hooked up, you’re going to enjoy your private sessions. Your cam girl can watch you while you watch her, and that’s a whole other level of enjoyment. This, as you may have gathered, is very different from the way that it used to be. You might even find that it’s nothing like the feeling you used to get from watching girls in magazines or in those peep show areas long ago.

The most important difference as far as that goes is that you actually have a connection with the girl, if you want one. Sure, you can find a girl that takes care of your kinks or fetishes and that can be that. Or you can find one who helps you and connects with you, and you won’t have to worry about finding a new one every time. This can help you find more peace and have more fun in your life. You can even start to feel like you’re building up a connection with her. Not that you should fall in love with her or anything.

More Categories

When you think of a cam girl, you might picture a blonde with big boobs sitting in front of a computer and playing with herself. There’s nothing wrong with wanting that. Hell, we love that, and sometimes it’s all we want. But, you don’t have to settle for that kind of thing. Not if you’re not into that as your main fetish or your main source of excitement.

In the past, you’d have to settle for whoever’s online. But, that’s not the same as it was a long time ago. There are cam sites that originate in all places of the world. So there are girls from all over the world on just about every reputable cam site. This is a massive advantage for today’s cammer. It means that you can access girls that you could only dream about from a different country, culture, and ethnicity. If you want to get it on with a girl from South Africa, you don’t have to wait until a certain time. With as many sites as exist out there, you’ll never have to worry that you’ve missed them all.

Another thing that’s different is how easy it is to get your fetish taken care of these days. Cam girls have seen it all. They’ve seen the vanilla ones and the weird ones, the creepy ones and the aggressive ones. Most of them aren’t phased by too much anymore. They want to make money. So if the easiest way to do that is by sharing how much fun they’re having doing your weird fetish where they pop balloons between their legs? Yeah, then they’re going to have a blast. They want to make you have fun, and you’ll always be able to find a woman online to do almost anything that you want to do.