When you’re first starting out with cam sites you might be satisfied that you can pay to see a real, hot woman’s tits. The excitement is overwhelming. That might cause you to start thinking with your dick instead of your brain and overpay. No one will mention anything about prices being way higher than they should be. Definitely not the cam girl, because hey, she wants to make money doing this. But don’t get scammed into paying higher prices when you could have gone to a different site for cheaper.

Membership Fees

If you’re on a site that requires a paid membership to start, then you’re on the wrong site. You can get a membership at tons of sites for free. Some cam sites don’t even need your email address. Those that promise a “higher experience” or more “bonuses” as a member are most likely baiting you.


Unlike membership fees, tokens are where it’s at in the cam world. Sites like tokens because you’re far more likely to spend them since it doesn’t seem like real money. The problem lies in how many tokens a cam girl will charge you. They vary by her rating and popularity, which comes from the scores members give her.

But you can figure out if you’re getting scammed through the websites token system. You should get to choose the amount of tokens that you buy from them in bundles or packages. The more you buy at once, the cheaper it is per token. Look to spend around $20 for at least 100 tokens. A good site will give you some free for buying the largest amount, so look for a discount if you buy larger batches. About $150 to $200 is a likely cost. If you’re asked to spending a lot more than that, you should look elsewhere.


Not everywhere charges by the token. Some sites charge per minute. Be prepared for the reality of what you’re paying for and set your expectations. These sites are pretty few and far between, but you should be spending anywhere from $0.50 to $1.00 per minute. This is trickier to give you advice about since it’s not the most common way to pay. Let’s just say this isn’t the 1990s and phone sex operators aren’t all that prevalent. In the digital age, it’s all about the token. Minutes can lead to costs getting out of hand if you’re not watching the clock. And you’d much rather be watching the girls, right?

What You Should Expect

All right, so you know what to expect when it comes out to paying for the time, but what will she do while she’s with you? Most women will get down and dirty since that’s sort of expected. Once you’ve got a private viewing going on with her you can suss out the details. Most guys ask for anal at some point, so she’ll probably be down to do that for you. But any other strange fetishes might take some negotiating. You will most likely end up seeing her completely naked because that’s not the worst thing that she’s had to do on camera.

There are a ton of different sites out there. They all have to compete with each other, so don’t be afraid to shop around a little bit. Start by looking at the reviews and comparing prices on our site. You can sort by price (if we have that information to available) and choose based on this.

Create an email that’s just for signing up for free memberships. That way you don’t have to deal with giving them in your personal emails. Then verify what rate are currently going for. Let us know if the prices have changed from our listings, as they do change often.