If you need to ask how to use the cam site you’re on, chances are there is a better one out there for you already. Generally speaking, websites devoted to nude cam girls have either been extremely straightforward or incredibly overwhelming. Trying to find something in-between is an exercise in futility. Even if you do, it will quickly turn one way or the other as it gains in popularity. In short: it’s a bit of a mess out there. Our general rule of thumb, however, is that no woman, no matter how talented, is worth weathering a bad user interface. That applies as much to websites as it can to video game and other similar environments. When it really comes down to it, there is just no excuse for sloppy coding.

How Much You Learn from the Home Page

The fortunate part in all of this is that there is a good deal to be learned just from the front page of a website that can help you steer clear of bad ones. Steering clear of sloppy coding and impossible to manage usage patterns is one way to not only save yourself a headache but possibly some money as well. Poorly laid out sites suffer from a couple of different problems. The first is a lack of care, and the second is malicious intent. Generally speaking, it’s going to be one or the other, however, sometimes the two meet for some rather… interesting results. In most cases, it’s best to assume malicious intent and high tail it out of there before anything gets on your computer or your information slips into their hands.

Sites that make it difficult to find settings, and user information in spite of requiring a login of some kind are right up there on this list. If you can’t find pricing information or at least a login button prominently displayed on the front page, it’s a sure sign you need to get out of there and fast. After all, if you cannot find these things which are supposed to be a staple of the site, what happens when something goes wrong? Who do you contact? Where is the billing information? How do you cancel something you are no longer interested in? The list goes on.

Still, there are plenty of positive things you can learn just from the home page as well. Since this is the first page they expect you to encounter when you arrive, many sites are going to pour everything they have on to it. Smart cam sites, however, know how to market to their primary demographic in a way that narrows down their offerings to something you actually want without overloading you with too many options. Sites like this use a lot of what is referred to as “white space” in order to prominently display their variety of live nude streams and the sort of things they really want to be known for.

This is a very minimalistic approach overall, in that it forces you to focus on the thing they most want you to see. This is good, however, and typically easier to navigate overall in comparison to the intensely covered chaos of less directly sites. This tells you the site was well thought out and knows what it wants, which, most of the time means a safer site actually committed to the content it says it is there to deliver rather than trying to rip you off in some way. They probably had an actual investment from the get-go, so make the most of it when you find something like this.

The Popup Conundrum

One of the most common complaints of any porn industry website at all is those with an insane amount of popups that never seem to go away and don’t want you to leave the page. In a word: run. These sites are, if not maliciously created, to begin with, possibly hacked as well. People can creep in and insert their scripts into an otherwise benign code to generate requests for information, fake requests to install something, or replacement login windows in the hope that the login you use for that site is the same thing you use elsewhere. In most cases, they wouldn’t be wrong.

In fact, in most cases, it’s pretty easy to trick people into giving away information they should steadfastly refuse to give out. Why? Because they are annoying as heck and no one wants to deal with them. Honestly, if you think the only way to make something go away is to type something into it and go, most people out there are going to choose that solution. It’s silly and it needlessly endangers your privacy, but it is true.

Don’t be that guy. Any time a site start popping up a top of popup windows in spite of all settings to the contrary? Quit the browser. Just quit the whole thing and start over. If you were following best practices for this sort of thing you wouldn’t be in your main session at least, if not your primary browser at all. You should, in fact, be in one you never use except to access websites like this and therefore completely locked down and ready to be closed and forget any of this ever happened. There is never any reason to use a site that does this to you. We don’t care how pretty the nude pictures are, the chances that those women are actually cam site models are pretty low anyway. Just get out and move on to something better.

Needing a Different Plugin or Browser

The same thing goes for any website that requests a separate plugin, specific browser, or claims you are missing some sort of puzzle piece to being able to run the website properly. Here’s another best practice, as a matter of fact: make sure you have the most recent version of Flash installed on your computer before you go browsing through sites like this. That should be the only plugin you really need. If something then claims you are missing the correct plugin, you know it’s either lying completely or trying to get you to download a plugin with even more security flaws than Flash. Just move on. The chances that this is a legitimate website are too low to bother trying.

One Crash Too Much

Finally, the last thing you should ever have to deal with when it comes to online adult entertainment is a browser or computer crash. Unfortunately, there is one huge caveat in that you will most likely be using Flash and that is something rather prone to crashing completely without warning and taking the entire rest of your computer with it. Not fun! To ensure this is not part of the problem and that the crash is the fault of the site, you need only visit another site that uses Flash, like YouTube, and let it play something in the background for a couple of hours. Still, crash? It’s probably Flash, in which case good luck getting that sorted. If you don’t, though? It’s probably the website you visited and one crash is far too many for any site out there, let alone one you are going to for fun.