This is the age that we were promised as nerdy kids back when bullies walked the earth with wedgies at the ready. The adults always told us that someday we’d get the hottest girls around, and that time is now. Of course, what they didn’t expect is that some of those hot girls would be the biggest nerds you’ll ever find…or that they’d be really good at catering to those nerds like us. Nowadays, it’s easier to find a nerdy girl than ever—and yes, that does extend, for the most part, to cam girls.

However, you might be a little nervous about sitting in front of a cam girl and telling her about all of your nerdy fantasies. It’s not all that easy, at least the first time, but you might realize that there are worse things that could happen to you than confessing that you’d love to see her as Princess Leia in the gold bikini. Hell, she might even have the costume lying around, if you’re really lucky.

So, what can you expect from using live sex cam sites while nerdy?

Some Cam Girls Are Nerds

If you’ve learned one thing from hanging out with other nerds, it’s probably that you’ll never be able to tell at first glance whether someone is a nerd. For that reason, don’t write off the cam girls you see as not being nerdy, because you have no way of telling whether they are or not. They might be, and you could be wasting a perfectly good time just because you were too nervous to ask.

The biggest thing you should avoid doing is ever accusing a cam girl of being a fake geek girl. For one thing, no girl likes to be accused of anything. For another thing, yes, she’s going to be playing up whatever she thinks is going to make you happy and get you off. That’s what she does for a living. She wants you to like her, and she wants you to think she’s hot. She might truly be a nerd underneath, but she might be playing up her nerdiness. Don’t give her a quiz unless you want to see for real whether she’s actually a nerd, or whether she’s just pretending to be one to make you happy. And yes, she might really be one. Plenty of cam girls are from the generation that grew up on the Internet, and they’re just as into nerdy stuff as anyone else.

Any Cam Girl Is a Nerd for the Right Price

Just like making you happy is your cam girl’s business, some cam girls on live sex shows are better at it than others. Some of them are so good at pretending to be nerdy that you’ll never know the difference. All this means is that you’re really going to have to ask yourself which is more important to you: that you have a cam girl who is actually a nerd and shares your passions, or that you have a really hot one who is willing to pretend and might be more easily available.

If you don’t mind whether she’s actually a nerd or not, you might want to consider finding your cam girl of choice and teaching her a few nerdy things. If it’s for the right price, she’ll definitely want to learn. Don’t forget that cam girls are more than used to this kind of thing from guys, and many of them have been catering to the nerd crowd for years. They know what they’re doing, and many more of them, especially the newer girls, will be willing to learn.

For Cash, Her Abilities are Endless

You might think that once you’ve found a nerdy cam girl or one who wants to become nerdy for you, that you have it made. However, you haven’t really begun to plumb the depths of what it really means to have her here and nerdy and at your service. Some cam girls specialize in nerdy stuff, and the things they can and will do will blow your mind. You can literally have a cam girl be part of your D&D games if you want. If you’re missing a person, you can have her play any game, RPG, or LARP you want. If you and your friends pool your cash, it won’t even be that expensive—and the hottest girl you’ve ever seen will play with you while she’s naked. You can get her to talk nerdy with you all day if you want, as long as you can keep paying her. Don’t be shy about your requests, either. Have you ever considered how hot it would be to have her try and navigate an obstacle course in the Enterprise wearing nothing but shredded undies? Your dream can become a reality, as long as you can fund it.

Yes, She Will Dress Up

If you have the money, she has the costumes. If she doesn’t have them yet, most reputable sites for watching live cam sex shows will let you buy the girls presents and have them sent directly to the ladies. You can basically get her to wear anything you want, and act out your fantasies. That includes everything from a Na’vi to an Orion slave girl, from Leeloo to Leia.

Really, the only boundary on what you can have this girl do is your own imagination. It’s up to you whether you want to dress up as well and be roleplaying together. If you want to leave the dressing up to her, don’t be afraid to sit there in your underwear (or nothing at all) and just watch the show. No matter what costume she’s wearing, you can be sure that she will be putting on a hell of a show for you, and that you’re going to get more than your money’s worth.

Watch Your Spending—This Can Be Fun

The biggest danger in finding out how great it can be to hang out with a nerdy cam girl is knowing when to stop. You may have a good job, or just be really good with your spending, but enough is enough. Budget carefully before you start camming, or you might just find yourself reading a greentext like the Ballad of Edgardo to your cam girl while the time slowly ticks by at six bucks per minute. Yes, this has happened to guys in the past. While this can sound like a lot of fun—and is—remember that there are girls out there that you’ll meet in real life that will share the same interest.

Cam girls can also be a really great study in how to talk to women about nerdy things because a lot of us get very tongue-tied around them. It’s not bad to get tongue-tied, but it is the kind of thing that you want to be really careful about. Having a lot of practice talking to a gorgeous cam girl about your favorite nerdy things can be great practice—as long as you remember that in the real world, you don’t follow a fun conversation with, “Now get to the good part and take off your top, and let’s get this party started.”