When you use cam sites, you’re probably not looking for the learning experience of a lifetime. You’re probably just looking to get your rocks off and go back to doing whatever it is you do during your daily life. That’s totally fine, but the truth is that there are things you’re going to wind up picking up from the time you spend viewing cam girls. Some of these things are great, but some of these things can actively harm your chances with women in real life. That’s not fun at all, and you’re going to want to avoid it when possible.

Still, how are you supposed to know what NOT to learn from cam girls when you’re not even aware that you’re learning anything from her at all? We admit that it isn’t easy, but once you recognize some of the things you might be picking up from cam girls, you’ll be able to make smarter decisions.

Here are five of the worst things to learn from cam girls, and what not to do with the knowledge:

1. How to Please a Woman in Bed

You might think that watching a cam girl play with herself for an extended period of time would teach you quite a bit about the human body and how to please it. Unfortunately, there’s one thing you need to realize quite quickly when you start figuring out how to use sex cam sites. Cam girls are putting on a show to please you. That means she isn’t going to sit around and do what she likes to do to herself all the time.

In fact, most of the time the things she’s going to be doing are for your pleasure because it looks good on cam. Just because she’s cramming her fingers into herself at maximum overdrive doesn’t mean that’s what will actually make a woman turn into Jell-O in the bedroom. She’s probably doing it for your benefit and nothing else.

2. What Real Women Talk Like

If you view cam girls on a regular basis, you’re probably going to get quite used to the way that they interact with their viewers and the way they talk. However, it’s important to note that no woman in her right mind is going to talk like that to a perfect stranger – at least not in real life. You can walk around in New South Wales all you want, but you’re not going to come across a woman who calls you a hot stud or begs to see the python in your pants. If you do, you might have serious cause for concern. Pythons don’t belong in your pants under any circumstances.

In all seriousness, cam girls talk a certain way because they know that it attracts men. It gets your attention and turns you on. Unfortunately, most women in real life aren’t going to talk to you like this unless they’re trying to put on a porn star act in the bedroom. You shouldn’t get your hopes up for this type of treatment during regular sex.

3. How to Get What You Want

Interacting with cam girls is a totally different world compared to interacting with women in real life. The reason why it’s so different is something you need to understand when you are trying to learn how to use webcam sex sites. Basically, you’re interacting with women who are providing a service, and you are the customer. This is totally different from how you need to interact with women in real life. How you get what you want from a cam girl is not going to work when you want to hook up with a woman in real life.

Basically, you can’t throw money at a woman if you want her to do something for you. This just isn’t going to work and it’s going to wind up making her pretty mad. This should seem obvious, but what might not be so obvious is that it doesn’t just apply to monetary tips. Buying her dinner, taking her out on a date, or doing really anything for her doesn’t mean that she owes you sex. She’s never obligated to have sex with you, so don’t give that mentality a chance to start. If you want to have sex with her, you have to make her want it too. The only proper way to do this is to be as appealing as possible, and hope it works out!

4. How to Use Sex Toys on a Woman

You’re probably going to see quite a few women playing with themselves during your time on the top cam sites on the Internet. Adding sex toys to the mix obviously makes things quite a bit more interesting for everyone involved. However, you might be surprised to learn that the way cam girls use sex toys on themselves isn’t exactly accurate as to how a real woman would do so. Surprised? The reason for this is that cam girls are trying to put on a show, not make themselves orgasm. No woman in New South Wales is actually going to appreciate the way you think you should use sex toys on them.

Basically, just because you see a cam girl hammering away at her clit with a huge vibrator doesn’t mean that’s how you should use a vibrator on a woman in bed. It might look good, but that doesn’t mean it feels all that good. When you want to use sex toys on a woman, you should work with her and find out what feels good for her. It can be really sexy to let a woman guide you through what feels good.

Basically, when you go to hook up with a woman and you want to use sex toys, don’t fall under the impression that what a cam girl does is what feels good. You might wind up having a terrible time because you discover too late that half-heartedly poking a vibrator against her clit won’t make her dissolve in moans. Let it be a learning experience.

5. What the Average Woman Looks Like

There are tons of hot women available for you to watch on cam sites, and that’s part of the appeal. When you figure out how to use cam sites, you’re probably going to be amazed by the variety of beauties available for you to chat with. This is one of the best parts of watching cam girls, to begin with. There’s such variety, and every single woman is stunning in her own way. She’s freshly waxed and seems to be perfectly manicured and primped.

The women that you’re going to hook up with in real life aren’t always going to go through the intense grooming regimens that cam girls do, though. This means you aren’t always going to get a perfectly shaved peach or a matching lingerie set.

Learn to embrace and accept this, because women are beautiful no matter what, right? You need to be able to have fun even if she isn’t a top supermodel, and that can be difficult if you’ve been watching cam girls more often than anything else. You don’t want to wind up having disappointing hookups just because you got too used to cam girls.