There are a lot of things that men are afraid to ask their cam girls. These are questions that, in general, you shouldn’t ask for a good reason. They’ll easier spoil the mood, make things awkward, or just eat up valuable time. She could answer your potentially awkward or rude question, or she could finger herself until she comes; one or the other, and which would you rather see?

These 10 questions are things that pretty much every guy who visits a cam show has wondered, but (hopefully) didn’t interrupt the show to ask. Take a look at these simple questions with sometimes complex answers, and never have to wonder again just how a cam model stays wet, or if that boyfriend she talks about is real.

1. How Does She Stay Wet

How does a cam model stay wet? It’s simple really. Any good sex chat site guide should include this information, but most don’t bother. She uses lube. Often cam girls will lube up off camera because it ruins the fantasy; she’s supposed to be so wet from your request that she doesn’t need lube.

But between working 3-4 hours at a time, on average, and just the fact that some women don’t make enough lube naturally for the extreme play they engage in, she definitely needs some additional help. Lubing up will help keep her from feeling discomfort, and allow her to work more often and for longer periods.

2. Does She Cum Every Time

Does she really cum every time? Only the cam girl knows for sure, but the simple answer is probably not. Women can cum a lot more often than men (a woman working hard can cum 8 or 10 times an hour, or every 6 minutes) but if she’s boasting numbers higher than that (or back to back hours of that high) she’s probably faking it at least some of the time.

Don’t worry, though; a convincing performance is just as satisfying as the real thing to watch on cam. When you log into to watch a cum show, know that if she’s promising four an hour it probably won’t be legit; once or twice? it probably is.

3. Does She Really Love This Kink

Does a cam girl really love the kink that you’re asking her to do? On average, the answer is no. On the other hand, she sets her own hours and does what she wants. If it were really something she wasn’t alright with, she wouldn’t agree to do it in the first place. When she agrees to be your guide through all the sexual pleasure a chat site can offer, she’s saying that she’s fine with your request; and that’s good enough most of the time.

4. Why Does She Cam

Women cam for tons of different reasons. For some, it’s a fun part-time job with flexible hours and very good pay. Others make it their whole profession because they’re unable to work for other reasons. A cam girl can have some sort of illness that prevents her from working (like chronic back pain) that won’t stand in the way of her lying on her back and pleasuring herself for money.

She could find camming exciting, or the fact that it’s so taboo could be a turn on for her. For most cam models, there isn’t just one reason why they love to cam. and other sites are made up of thousands and thousands of women, and there’s no one simple reason they do what they do.

5. Did She Have a Rough Childhood

This comes from the idea that all cam girls have to be broken. Probably they had a rough childhood and that’s why they’re camming now. There’s a good chance that some cam models do have a tough past, just like some lawyers and doctors pulled themselves up from gang wars to being where they are today. Overall, however, cam girls are fine; suggesting that they must be “damaged” is just a stereotype. She doesn’t have to have had a rough life to be your chat site’s guide to sex.

6. Is She Just Too Lazy to Get a Job

There are a lot of reasons cam girls cam. She might not be able to get another job for many reasons, but laziness isn’t going to be it. It’s actually really difficult to be a successful cam girl. Even though she works at home, she still has to turn up to work. She has to figure out how often to cam, what she needs to do to be hot, and how to be successful at it. It’s actually a lot harder than it seems to be a cam girl.

7. How Does She Think of Things to Say

How do cam girls keep up the chatter? The simple answer is practice. They have a ton of experience knowing what guys want to hear. They also practice their topics; they mention something and if men respond, they’ll bring it up again with a new crowd. Believe it or not, a lot of cam girls keep a list of popular topics next to their camera so that they can check it any time the chat slows down.

8. What’s the Weirdest Thing She’s Had to Deal With

There’s no one weird thing that every cam girl has experienced, but you can safely assume that every cam girl in the world has been asked to do a kink she just doesn’t want to do. For many it doesn’t even matter if their public profiles say that they won’t do a kink; they’re going to get asked for it no matter what. If you want to stay off a cam girl’s bad side, don’t even mention the kinks or acts that she’s publically said she’s never going to do. She already gets men all the time trying to get her to do them anyway. That’s just not what she’s into.

9. How Much Money Does She Make

It’s never polite to ask someone how much money they make. It’s also a lot less than you might think; after a cam girl gets tipped by you, a portion (sometimes as high as 20% of your tip!) is taken by the cam site. Some sites also make cam girls wait to cash out until they reach an amount that could be as high as $500. If they’re paid online, then PayPal takes a chunk out of their paycheck as well. While some cam girls do make great money, they’re the exception, not the rule.

10. Does She Have a Boyfriend/husband

Cam girls often lie about being with men because it gets people to back off. If she says that she’s not single in real life, the few guys who might want to track her down and take her on a date will be cut down drastically. On the other hand, a lot of cam girls are very hot women who could totally have a main squeeze.

In general, if you ever see a dude’s stuff in the background you can assume that she really does have a boyfriend or husband. If not, well, she still might. it doesn’t matter either way, does it?